April 11, 2024


Bank employees turn eyes to the skies for Monday’s solar eclipse

~ Tim Effertz

Like people all over the country, North Shore Bank employees took a few minutes to check out the solar eclipse that tracked across the U.S. on Monday. It was worth it to take the time as it will be 20 years before another eclipse crosses the country! The region covered by our bank branches saw a partial eclipse in the range of 80% to 95% of totality depending on location.

Tim Effertz, VP, Product & Implementation Manager, set up a telescope outside the corporate office in Brookfield. Employees were able to take a peek through the telescope to see the eclipse up close. Tim got a few captivating shots of the event through his telescope with his cell phone. Very cool!

A few fun eclipse facts:

  • The path of totality stretched for 2,500 miles, from Mexico’s Pacific coast through Texas and across 14 other states into Canada.
  • The period of totality lasted up to 4 1/2 minutes, depending on the viewer’s location. This exceeded the duration of the 2017 eclipse, which clocked in at under 3 minutes.
  • 32 million people live within the path of totality, and it was estimated that another 5 million people traveled to be in the path.
  • It took about 80 minutes from the moment the moon began to cover the sun to totality, and then another 80 minutes to complete the process in reverse.

~ Tim Effertz



Annual UPAF fundraising campaign kicks off next month

Felt Verza bike

North Shore Bank’s annual United Performing Arts Fund fundraiser will take place May 6-10. There will be fun activities every day, including three different performers, the return of the popular sidewalk chalk-art contest, the annual pancake breakfast, as well as a raffle for several prizes. One of the prizes will be a Felt Verza Speed 50 Bicycle, valued at $700!

Cheryl Lang, VP, Commercial Loan Servicing Manager, said UPAF supports diverse local performing arts organizations. “Because of support from individual donors and workplace giving campaigns (like we do here every year at North Shore Bank) throughout Wisconsin, these groups continue to provide stimulating arts experiences that connect people from all walks of life, ” she said.

Last year North Shore Bank raised $8,300 to help the Milwaukee nonprofit support theater, live music, dance, and more throughout the region. Get ready for a fun week!



Hope and optimism work together to help us be more resilient

Hope and optimism are similar but distinct concepts — one isn’t nearly as beneficial without the other. Both are positively correlated to health and resilience, but while hope is more directly related to personal belief, optimism is more directly connected to expectations.

  • Optimism is a mental attitude that heavily influences physical and mental health, as well as coping with everyday social and working life. Optimism can also promote a sense of well-being during difficult times.
  • Hope involves our emotions, however, hope itself is not an emotion. Hope is a way of thinking or a state of being that is more directly connected to goals and personal motivation.

People with higher levels of optimism and hope are better at withstanding uncertainty and have less fear of the unknown. They cope and adapt better in challenging or stressful times and tend to be more personally resilient.

If you are trying to cultivate more optimism and hope in your life, know that this goal is possible! The Aurora Employee Assistance Program can help. To learn more, click here.



Customers rave about North Shore Bank staff

Alex Ackeret, personal banker at the Sussex branch, recently received a thank-you note from a grateful new customer. A woman from Arkansas was planning her move to Sussex and wanted to learn about North Shore Bank. Alex took the call, and the initiative, to explain why we are a high-touch, community-involved bank, and she came into the office to establish a relationship with him, Branch Manager Shannon Quinn shared.

Later in the month, the bank received two postcards in the mail — one addressed to Alex, one addressed to Shannon. 00958 The woman was extremely happy with Alex’s professionalism and jovial attitude during her initial introduction to North Shore Bank, calling out his “excellent and efficient assistance.”

Great job, Alex!






The Germantown branch got a shout-out in this comment card, which says: “Always helpful, friendly, and courteous staff at Germantown North Shore.”

A customer is grateful for the Union Grove team: “Wonderful tellers at (the) Union Grove office and staff.”

Congratulations, Germantown and Union Grove teams!



Hunt For Your Number – Reminder!

Don’t forget! A randomly selected North Shore Bank employee number will be hidden somewhere in each week’s edition of Shorelines. If you spot your five-digit number, contact HR specialist Morgan Stark to receive your prize!



Discover events and activities in and around your community

  • 6th Annual Fox Cities Kidz Expo | Saturday, April 20, 2024 (9 a.m.) | Fox Cities Exhibition Center | 355 W. Lawrence St. | Appleton, WI
  • Milwaukee Business Journal Power Breakfast presented by North Shore Bank | Wednesday, May 8, 2024 (7:30 a.m.) | The Pfister Hotel | 424 E. Wisconsin Ave. | Milwaukee, WI